gert rietveld


Born in 1960 in Ter Aar, the Netherlands

1981–1987 studied painting and sculpture at Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten, Rotterdam

Works and lives in Rotterdam

studio: Borgerstraat 24
        studio 115 
        3027EB Rotterdam 

Selected exhibitions:

Over the years, I have produced and shown drawings, photographs, semi-architectural interventions, video, site-specific and non-site-specific installations, interactive multimedia work, language based work and installations that include an element of performance. I don’t have a program other than following my own fascinations, but looking back I do see some constants. Much of the work could be categorized as exploration of space, in all possible senses: three dimensional space, imaginary space, represented and metaphorical space, linguistic space etc. What interests me is how we use our experiences in physical space in organizing and navigating these other domains, and -who knows- vice versa.